2012 Marathon Winners

Kelcy Boettcher – Women’s Winner: 4:37:57

Nic Giebler – Men’s Winner: 3:37:25

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  1. Rung says:

    i used to be this way. i’ve gotten a LOT more melolw about my running/my goals/my “failures”. it’s no fun to be so uptight about it! it’s not like we are getting paid for this right?yes it is good to have expectations of ourselves and to aim high for goals. but don’t wallow in a ditch over a ‘bad’ race there will always be bad ones! (i say ‘bad’ cause a 1:31 is freakin awesome) hope you can find peace soon! you are an amazing runner jesse.

    • Mai says:

      I definitely tuhgoht the same thing slower than I intended. I suppose part of that was from all the talking, but that definitely helped the miles to feel easier. Thanks for a great run. I think that it’s probably good it was slower so that we’re used to being on our feet for most of the length of time it’ll take to do 26.2. And hey, trust me you will more than likely run the race faster than you might expect. Race day adrenaline rocks! I got my registration squared away yesterday, so I’m counting down the days! Tell your wife I hope to meet her there!

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