Message from Race Director

Instep Lapham Peak trail Races 2012 Race Director Thoughts

About a year ago the concept of Instep Lapham Peak Trail Races visualized; and 9 months ago, I  started working on it. Creating a race from scratch has numerous , and detailed, ingredients in order to cook up a proper race Such as, constructing a web site,  designing  a race logo, registration costs, selection of  medals, designing the medals, and the organization and selection of food. And there are layers beneath the glaze that need finishes to. Should we have finisher medals or should we do something practical, measuring the course, signage for the trail and everything else, volunteers, setting up volunteer responsibilities, parking, permits and insurance, getting a sound system, how am I going to get everything there i.e. tables, gator, chairs, finish line ,and the list goes on and on.

Thank God I will not have to start from scratch next year!  With all that being said – it was WORTH IT!

I enjoyed hosting the races and meeting all the new runners. It gave me a lot of satisfaction to see so many come and run my home course. We had the best day to race too. I was really happy with the numbers and so many of you did so great.

My two heroes of the day were Susan Ball who set a big goal and finished her race and Henry Rueden who finished his 819th marathon at age 62!  Yes-819 MARATHONS!

I thought afterwards the race course was set up well and many of you confirmed that. I am glad it was a course many of you thought was good but tough as well. Lapham Peak is no joke but the place has something about it that just sinks into the runner’s soul. The place is beautiful, the trails are tough but not technical and we had a very high rate of finishers!  We only had several DNFs. I know many of you worked hard to get prepared and still it was hard. All of you accomplished a great challenge.

It was exciting to watch all of you and for me as the race director to see you finish. I saw a lot of satisfaction in your faces along with a little bit of pain which comes from racing hard. Overall I thought the race went very well. I made two mistakes 1. not putting out the mileage signs at the aid stations but I will correct that for next year (going to buy signs and package everything the night before – oh yea make that list for each aid station) 2. Not checking my order for the 10K medals thinking I received everything I ordered (which I was missing a whole set). The other thing is we had a timing system glitch which caused a delay in the results. Some things are the result of individual error and others is technical –this was technical. I hope to find chip timing for next year to have real time results and post results frequently. That is my promise for everyone.  Other than that I heard a ton of positive remarks from you about the race. I truly appreciate your opinion and will continue to improve as much as I can to bring you a great race experience.

I do plan on having this race next year at the same time as it fits into my cross country racing season. Thank you all for coming and please – good or bad let me know how the race went for you. I would love to hear from you about your experience. Have a great fall of running and racing and I do hope to see you all back next year.