Runners’ Experience

Hi Russ,
Just wanted to say that the trail races this weekend were extremely well run. Nice job!! Registration and packet pick up were well managed, the different race distances were well spaced out and the trails not crowded, parking was easy, the volunteers were nice and helpful, the shirts fit well, and just overall a great atmosphere. We are moving out to Colorado at the end of this month, but were so thrilled with this race that we just may coordinate one of our trips back to Wisconsin next year to overlap this race. Really, great job. Thank you for a fun Saturday morning!

Erik and Jacki Evensen (2014)


I was very impressed! The course markings, water stations, medals etc..and post food offerings were all awesome. Parking seemed well organized as well. I had a great experience and would enter this race again.




Thank you for putting on this race. In my opinion this was the best organized and stationed race I have yet to do, running the marathon distance it was not even necessary for me to carry water. It was great to have real food in addition to the gels at the aid stations. I really liked the variety of choices for finishing instead of getting the standard medal (I have enough of them). Everything was perfect including the post run food, I plan to return next year and thank you for putting this on.

John Gamrat


I thought everything was great! I ran the 10K last year and loved it and decided to try the Half Marathon this year, loved it! I thought the finisher medal was way cool!!! My husband did the half last year and got a bag… he thought the medal was a lot more cool. I think it’s a great idea to have the 10K go up the tower! That was honestly my favorite part!! I was nervous about it beforehand, but it was really cool!! Great job. I will very likely return next year! Thank you!!

Amanda Christiansen


Great great race.  Did it last year also.  I like the layed back attitude of the event and love the course.  You and your team put on a wonderful event.  I don’t think I would choose this as a first marathon.  I have done 49 so far all over the place and a fair majority if those are trail marathons.  The coastal trail marathon in San Francisco (Rodeo Beach) and yours are the best I have done race director wise.  Pros – 1. heed and gatorade on the course (i hate heed but some people love it – having both didn’t make it an issue). 2. The course was marked very clearly. 3. Beautiful tough course.  4. Liked the medals this year, but kind of liked the no medals last year.  It was nice to have the option of a hat or medal.  5. You and your team are super nice, motivating, and supportive.  Cons – none.


Jeff Clinton


Hi Russel,

Yesterday was my first time competing in the Instep Trail half marathon.  I’ve competed in a number of other trail runs, 5k’s and 10k’s around the state and I have to say that yesterday’s race was the most well run event I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.  We had lots of good information leading up to race day, the course was very well marked with ample aid stations (and great food at each one), the free lunch was fantastic, and most importantly, there were plenty of bathrooms to go around before the start of each race.  I loved the performance shirt and the complimentary Gu in the goodie bag.  Many times I feel like the entrance fee is steep for these races, but yesterday’s race was worth every penny.  Well done!  I’m already planning to sign up for next year.

Thank you,

Mike Bentley



Thank You for a wonderful race!

I found the entire setup very well organized and comfortable. The volunteers were outstanding and the water stations were great in terms of location and flow. I was very impressed with the ease of both packet pick-up and crossing the finish line. To this point, every race I have run has had an extremely crowded finish line (which is a relatively big deal considering I’m asthmatic and an abrupt stop usually warrants a need for my fast-acting inhaler) so I have to say keeping adequate space for the runners is the biggest “small detail” someone like me appreciates.

I ran the 13.1 as my first trail run and this experience definitely inspired me to sign up for more!

I hope my feedback is what you all were looking for! I can’t think of anything to be improved upon…

Thanks Much!

Elise Malik


I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for an excellent running event today, one of the best I’ve attended. It was fun, friendly, and well organized. I have not been running long but this event has really made me appreciate trail running, particularly at Lapham. Thanks again and I look forward to coming back next year.

Bob Harris – Milwaukee

 I’d like to say thank you for putting on a great race.  I had a wonderful time and look forward to running the event again next year. The course was a great challenge, it was very well organized, and all the volunteers were great.  Thanks!


Thanks so much for setting up this event.My running partners and I all had a great time and were so impressed by the organization.

Take care- Kelly

Mr. DeLap,

I wanted to personally thank you for putting on an outstanding event Saturday.  Amazing course (I had never run it before), great local location, easy to sign-up, easy to park and great volunteers. It was so well done it looked more like the 100th, not the 1st. I sincerely hope you organize this again next year, I am really talking this up with anyone that even owns a pair of running shoes. Clearly it’s a ton of work to pull one of these events together, your efforts and those of all the volunteers are greatly appreciated!

Sincerely, Paul Gosenheimer

I love Lapham Peak.  The trails are so beautiful and scenic.  But … the race is more challenging than people may think.  I used to race as part of my marathon training (doing Chicago in October).  And as well as I think my training is going, this race kicked my butt.  Trail running make road racing look totally easy.  After I finished this race, I thought I really need to do more trail runs and hill training!

The race route was perfectly marked – I never questioned where I was going.  The organizers and volunteers were all friendly, encouraging and helpful.  I hope next year I will be in better shape to try the Lapham Peak marathon!

Thanks for a fun race.  I will definitely do it again. –Thao Slonac


Hi Russ –

This is a bit delayed but I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great race at Lapham Peak. I ran the marathon & my husband did the half.  Hoping to next year find a few more ladies to race the marathon with me! Lapham is my favorite running spot so I just couldn’t pass up this race.  We normally participate in the North Face races the following weekend but once I got a flyer on this race at Bear Trax I knew we had to do yours instead.  Your volunteers were wonderful, the aid stations were great & well spaced out and the day was perfect.

Thanks so much for bringing a marathon to Lapham Peak – can’t wait for next year!

I briefly talked to you after the race about how much I liked it but thought that I would send an email as well.

Your race marked my 27th marathon or longer event (most on trails) and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable courses that I’ve run. Very pretty, challenging, well marked, well supported, etc. Especially impressive considering that it was the first year of the event. I’ll definitely be back next year, hopefully with some running friends that I know would love the course.

There was a man taking pictures on top of the observation tower. I’m not sure if he was affiliated with the race or not but am assuming he was. Will those pictures be made available?

Cory Schmidt

I wanted you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Instep Trail Race at Lapham Peak. The course was beautiful and challenging, the aid stations were awesome, and the volunteers were above and beyond helpful…plus it was for such a great cause

Again, thanks for an awesome time!

Sally Kidd

Silver Spring, MD

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