7 Mile Overview

7 Mile Course Review

Elevation Gain 840 feet and Loss 840 feet

The 7 Mile course will be run on the black loop/Moraine Ridge Trail. The only course difference between the marathon, half-marathon and 7 Mile races is the runners for the 7 Mile is one full loop plus running up/down the tower which the marathon and half-marathoners have to do on their first lap only. There will be plenty of signage, cones and volunteers to guide you along the course and to make this turn.

The black loop has some rolling hills along with a few very steep short hills and a three longer hill climbs.  There are flat spots as well! The trail itself is wide (most places 12-15 feet) and consists of grass and hard packed dirt (unless it rains a lot) with some rocks a few roots. This trail is not technical, rocky or absurd but you will have to keep your focus on the trail.

The start and finish is at the trail head by the evergreen grove parking lot. This is a great place for spectators. You may take the shuttle bus to Homestead Hollow; the bus will run back and forth the majority of the day. Or, Friends and spectators can walk up the road to the Homestead Hollow parking lot (I am guessing about a half-mile or so) and this is a little over halfway for the runners on the black loop.